Cisco 7960 / 7940 SIP upgrade procedure


This is a short HOWTO type document on how to upgrade and use a cisco ip phone 7940 or 7960. These phones are shiped in CallManager (skinny) mode

Setting up your local network.

First things first, you will need to be running a DHCP server. This is just a matter of setting up your favourite dhcpd on your favourite operating system. You need to make sure that your phone can get the Gateway/router, DNS server and TFTP server sent with the dhcp lease.

You then will also need to set up a tftpd. This is not going to be covered here at all.

Upgrading the phone from a early call manager firmware

To start you need a “AL” firmware or above. If you don’t have this you will have to use call manager.

After this is done you will need to create your TFTP files. First file you will need is P0S30202.bin or similar. Put this file in the root of your TFTP folder. Also you will need your OS79XX.TXT.

Open this file up in your favourite editor and edit it so that it contains the flowing line

Save the file and go back to your TFTP root.
You should also put the files “Ringer1.PCM” and RINGLIST.DAT.

The Contents of ringlist.dat is similar to

Where the first tsv is the name, and the second is the file name. Save this file as well.

I have recently been informed that this is not nescessary unless your adding more ringers to the phone

Next create two files
SIPDefault.cnf and SIP.cnf (such as SIP0006D7AA2A2E.cnf)

Open SIPDefault.cnf

This file should contain the following (adjusted for your settings)

Save this file and open SIP.cnf
This file should contain

Save this file. And create a file called syncinfo.xml.

This file needs to contain

Save this file and create dialplan.xml
This file should contain.

Save this file. And boot the phone.

It should say on the screen.

And then it should reboot. (after a seiers of light flashing on the headset/speaker and mute buttons.)

This is you phone now upgraded to SIP v2.2 firmware. You can now proceded to the next step.

Upgrading to SIP v3.x firmware

To do this you need to edit the OS79XX.TXT file to contain P0S3-03-0-00.
Also you then need to change the line in SIPDefault.cnf so that

Is the line at the top.

After you have done this make sure that the P0S3-03-0-00.bin file is in the tftp root. And then send the phone a CHECK-SYNC message.

I have been informed that this should NOT be nesscessary for local updates, however for some reason my phone required it, so i shall leave it here just incase

This can be done using the following perl script

Run this script and then that should make the phone reboot and upgrade the firmware. After this is done you should be running a v3 SIP firmware.

Upgrading to V4.

CAUTION v4.4 is the only SIP firmware that will work with FWD and most other SIP services. This is apparently fixed in v4.4 and I seem to be having no problems using.

To do this you need to edit the OS79XX.TXT file to contain P0S3-04-4-00.

Also you then need to change the line in SIPDefault.cnf so that

Is the line at the top.

After making sure that your firmware file is in the root of the TFTP server. Reboot the phone (power cycle) and it should automatically upgrade your firmware.

Once this is done you should be running v4.4 of SIP firmware.

I Have recently got the 5.3 Firmware, and upgradeing is much the same as 4.4

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