iPhone to Android SMS Converstion Script

As promised here’s a copy of my iPhone to Android script. Just a quick and dirty python script that reads in a backup from itunes and converts it to a bit of XML able to be read in by SMS Backup and Restore on the android platform

Subway using Apple’s “There’s an app for that” slogan ?

Tagging along at lunch with a few colleagues at work today to the local subway and notice a new set of adverts on the window.
It appears that subway are imitating Apple’s “there’s an app for that”. It turns out that this campaign has been done by McCann Erickson and is a ‘light-hearted’ campaign complete with UK TV adverts. The phrase Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery comes to mind.

IRSSI Prowl Notifications

A quick script to send notifications from IRSSI for privmessages and also for highlights, I’ll put more commentary on later, but for now..