Oyster cards and overland services

For those who know me you’ll know that I go into London on occasion but did like the fact that Woking gas no fast ticket system and hence no cheaper fares are available. You’ll also know that me and the ticket machine don’t always see eye to eye!
Imagine my glee in finding out that ousted is now available on the over ground network. Now correct me if I’m wrong but Woking is a feeder town, nothing more. So it would be safe to asume that feeder towns would get oyster. How wrong I was. Turns out that South West Trains can’t be bothered to accept oyster. Now this wouldn’t be a major issue, if the auto ticket machines worked. It takes a good 5 minuites to get a ticket by card from them. To add to the irony TFL have the backup oyster stuff running out of a computer building not even 2 miles away. All that I’m asking for is the ability for me to pre pay for say 5 trips into London and the single fare on the tube or bus, as the only +tube options we have on the auto system is zomes 123456! Why can’t oyster just be added! It would make things simpler and all in all a lot more 21st century! Also think on the trees or something!