; Host which runs the festival server (default : localhost);
	; Port on host where the festival server runs (default : 1314)
	; Use cache (yes, no - defaults to no)
	; If usecache=yes, a directory to store waveform cache files.
	; The cache is never cleared (yet), so you must take care of cleaning it
	; yourself (just delete any or all files from the cache).
	; THIS DIRECTORY *MUST* EXIST and must be writable from the asterisk process.
	; Defaults to /tmp/

	; Festival command to send to the server.
	; Defaults to: (tts_textasterisk "%s" 'file)(quit)n
	; %s is replaced by the desired text to say. The command MUST end with a
	; (quit) directive, or the cache handling mechanism will hang. Do not
	; forget the n at the end.
;festivalcommand=(tts_textasterisk "%s" 'file)(quit)n

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